Simon Chang



Ph.D. Quantitative Marketing, Smith School of Business, Queen’s University (3rd year, ABD)
M.B.A., Smith School of Business, Queen’s University
M.M.A., Smith School of Business, Queen’s University
CPA,CMA., Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario
B.Comm (hons)., Toronto Metropolitan University

Teaching and Scholarly Interests:

Influencer marketing, digital marketing, social media communication

Simon Chang is a business analytics expert and has taught courses in financial analytics, AI in Marketing and business accounting programs. He is also a PhD Candidate (3rd year, ABD) at Smith School of Business at Queen’s University in Kingston where he specializes in marketing analytics looking at social media analytics, deep sentiment analysis, customer lifetime value projection and marketing mix modelling. He has worked for some of the leading companies in the world including Starbucks Coffee Company and Mercedes-Benz.
Simon is passionate about sharing his business analytics knowledge to help businesses to realize their full potential. He is interested in applying the latest techniques and methods in solving business problems to provide businesses with the ‘upper hand’ above their competitions. He has demonstrated his ability to teach, mentor and elevate his students career trajectory by showing the relevance of their tasks to the broader analytics framework. Thereby broadening the students perspectives in the field of data analytics while mastering the necessary skills to be successful in the field.