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    Enrolment Officer


    IBU University has exceeded all my expectations. I find the faculty and professors to be very welcoming and supportive. I think IBU is the only place where students get to have a proper bond with their professors. The flexibility and accommodation they provide to working students is unmatched. I am currently in my first semester and I can confidently say that I have actually learned and understood things. My professors actually make it a point to check in with each student and make sure they are extracting the most benefit they can.

    The first thing that caught my attention in the Open House IBU hosted was the friendliness and lack of tension in the atmosphere. They maintained a relaxed and helpful air with us while also being professional about it. It was very eye-opening as well as they made sure to answer everyone’s questions and ensure we fully understood the curriculum.

    Student Winter 2022

    Hear from experts about the difference an IBU’s Bachelor of Commerce in International Management and Technology degree will make in your future.

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    International Business University has been granted a consent by the Minister of Colleges and Universities to offer this degree for a program for a seven year term starting December 4, 2020. Prospective students are responsible for satisfying themselves that the program and the degree will be appropriate to their needs (e.g. acceptable to potential employers, professional licensing bodies or other educational institutions.)



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