The International Business University a DLI-certified learning institutes, that is committed to providing a transformative learning experience to empower students to become future leaders in sustainable business practices. In this blog post, we will explore “what is IBU?”, with a focus on the letters “I,” “B,” and “U,” which represent the core values of the university. 

Be the “I” in the IBU – Our student-centered approach 

By embracing your role as the “I” in the IBU, you will take ownership of your education, paving the way for your personal and professional growth. 

We know that every person has special abilities, dreams, and potential. With the help of our method, which will prepare you to engage actively in your global learning journey, you can customize your academic experience to suit your interests and objectives. 

The Power of “B”:  Believe, become, belong –

The letter “B” in IBU represents three fundamental behaviours which we reinforce throughout our programs: believe, become, and belong. We believe in the potential of every student and therefore put significant effort into empowering you to pursue your business ideas. 

Our extensive curriculum and encouraging learning atmosphere provides you with the chance to become the leader you want to be. Our programs offer a wide range of opportunities to explore and specialize in areas such as entrepreneurship, social enterprise, responsible business, and sustainable finance with big bold dreams of building sustainable future ventures that can offer value to millions of people.. 

By establishing a varied and inclusive community where students from all backgrounds may interact, work together, and share knowledge, you will feel a sense of belonging that is supported actively by the IBU faculty and student support team.

Envisioning the “U”:  Unleashing Your Potential 

The International Business University leadership, faculty, industry volunteers and student support teams understand the importance of finding a career that aligns with your passions. Through the IBU Centre for Sustainable Business and partnerships with industry leaders, we offer students access to a network of professionals who are at the forefront of sustainable business practices. 

This exposure offers insightful information as well as chances for networking, internships, and mentorships, ensuring that you are prepared to pursue jobs that have a good influence on society. 

Learn to create a sustainable future 

The DLI-certified IBU welcomes both Canadian and international students who want to benefit from 1-on-1 learning opportunities, up-to-date and practical business studies, and a community hungry for positive impact. 

Together, we will shape a future where businesses thrive ethically, the environment is preserved, and social progress is championed. For further information about what is IBU, check out our student onboarding website at or contact us directly.