Dr Artie Ng

Dean, International Business University


Ph.D. University of Glasgow, UK
M.Eng. University of Waterloo, Canada
M.B.A. University of Toronto, Canada
MSc. California State University, Fresno, U.S.
BSc. California State University, Fresno, U.S.

Teaching and Scholarly Interests:

Financial Regulation and Compliance; Intellectual Capital; Sustainable Finance and Investment; Policy for Global Sustainability

Dr. Artie Ng is the Inaugural Dean of International Business University overseeing program development and management as well as related quality assurance. Dr Ng has over 20 years working in the tertiary education sector with a wide range of duties, including teaching undergraduate and graduate-level courses, managing program accreditations, as well as research funding and administration. In addition to his extended experience in managing degree programs across disciplines, he conducts interdisciplinary research on performance of entrepreneurial firms, green finance as well as policy for global sustainability. With an interest in research collaboration, he has held Visiting Professor positions with universities in Asia and Europe. He was previously appointed as a Senior Research Fellow with the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy at the University of Waterloo, Canada. He is a founding member with the Research Centre for Green Energy, Transport and Building and the Centre for Ageing and Healthcare Management Research, both at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University funded by the Research Grants Council. He has been an international associate with the Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research (CSEAR) at the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

Besides edited books, conference papers and consultancy reports, his publications appear in various impactful journals, including Energy Policy, Journal of Cleaner Production, Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, Sustainability Accounting, Management & Policy Journal as well as Technological Forecasting & Social Change. He serves in the editorial boards of Accounting Forum, Journal of Financial Regulation & Compliance, International Journal of Climate Change Strategies & Management, International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, as well as Social & Environmental Accountability Journal.

Prior to his academic appointments, Dr Ng was as an analyst with multinational firms in the independent energy sector for project finance as well as mergers and acquisitions of power generating facilities in collaboration with multilateral agencies, such as ADB and IFC. He performed due diligence and risk assessments for these projects. He is a qualified member with CPA Canada and a Fellow with CIMA UK.

Selected Publications
Refereed journals
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