IBU is the first independent, not-for-profit university in Ontario.

01. Why IBU?

IBU is a next generation business university created to support your concerns. Start your career sooner. Graduate in less than 3 years.

We limit class sizes to 30 students.

We help students feel completely & confidently prepared.

We offer lifelong support & resources for your career's success.

02. Your Personalized Educational Experience

Our mission is to help you find a career that ultimately fuels your passion.
IBU offers a personalized experience and industry focused curriculum to set you up for a successful career in today’s highly competitive business world. Our professors devote themselves to opening doors for their students and apply their years of boardroom experience in the classroom, giving you an up-close and personal look at how today’s business world works and your path to success.
IBU encourages you to explore and achieve your greatest potential while acquiring the skills you need to become a leader in your industry and community.

03. Campus Insight

Downtown Toronto

Located in downtown Toronto, IBU gives easy access to all the excitement and activity that come with living in the heart of Canada’s major metropolis.
We do not offer housing accommodation on campus. However, several resources are available for students to search for off-campus options including, the two Student Residences below. Please contact Registrar for more information.

Feridun Hamdullahpur

Tim McTiernan

Joanne Shoveller

Mona Malone

Serdar Mutlu

Najma Ahmed

04. Meet The Team

At IBU, we carefully choose our faculty based on their rich practical experience and research expertise. As exceptional professors and proven mentors, our faculty devote themselves to educating and opening doors for you. Crafting a learning experience that both in and out of the classroom, they create an environment that encourages an exchange of diverse perspectives, provides a wide range of collaborative opportunities, and grounds your learning in a structure that ensures you meet your fullest potential.

05. Industry-Focused Curriculum

Become the professional talent the business world needs.
Our mission is to help you find a career that ultimately fuels your passion. You will learn the skills to be an active learner, not only during your time with us but after your graduation as well.

COVID Alert – IBU is committed to offering you an innovative, secure, and enriching experience. Our faculty and staff have created courses and co-curricular activities that are transformative and engaging for all students, both on our Toronto campus and remotely. To respect one another, we ask that you wear face coverings and practice physical distancing when on our campus according to current rules and regulations.


Flexible online, hybrid or in-class sessions are available.

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