IBU Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Degree

  • Personalized
  • Accessible
  • Flexible
  • Open House


  • 1:1 Mentoring and Advising
  • Small Classes, Great Peers
  • Incorporate Your Learning Style


  • Online
  • On-Campus
  • Hybrid, At Your Own Pace


  • Zero Interest Financial Aid
  • Scholarships Available (Conditions apply, please contact us today to learn more)*

Open House

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  • Get to know our community

Make your life and career dreams a reality. As a next-generation university that offers a personalized education experience, IBU helps you to realize your vision of success. Benefit from 1-on-1 mentoring and tutoring with a personal academic advisor. Enrich your educational journey and connect with professors and peers in classes capped at 30 students.


Build your confidence and prepare to contribute to the business world with solid credentials.

Through our teaching-oriented, student-focused approach, you discover and foster your personal strengths. Built-in experiential opportunities, augment classroom learning.

Experienced faculty guide you as you complete your degree — which can you take less than three years!

8 semester can be completed in less than 3years!

As Ontario’s first teaching oriented, student focused university we let you choose to study at your own convenience, on your own time.

Bachelor Of Commerce (Honours) in International Management and Technology.


Find a career that ultimately fuels your passion. Our mission is to ensure IBU’s industry-focused curriculum sets you up to succeed in today’s competitive business world — while preparing you for tomorrow.

We combine our responsive programming with devoted professors, who apply their boardroom experience in the classroom and help you to open the doors of opportunity. With their valuable insight, you benefit from an in-depth look at the field while forging your
path to success.

Your personalized IBU experience encourages you to explore and achieve your greatest potential, while you simultaneously acquire the skills to be a leader in your industry and community.


Immerse yourself in Toronto, Canada’s business capital. IBU’s location in the city’s downtown core gives you instant access to career and networking opportunities as well as enriching cultural experiences and activities.

Looking for Accommodations? While we do not offer housing accommodation on campus, we provide resources to find your home away from home. The Registrar is happy to help if you are seeking housing options.

Industry-Focused Curriculum

Enhance your talent with a combination of industry- -responsive business knowledge, technological know-how, and interpersonal skills.

Opportunities to develop a leadership minds are embedded right in our curriculum, equipping you to become an active leader at IBU and beyond.

Look forward to the career trajectory you have always envisioned — or the one for which you discovered a passion at IBU.

At IBU, we carefully choose our faculty based on their rich practical experience and research expertise.

As exceptional professors and proven mentors, our faculty devote themselves to educating and opening doors for you. Crafting a learning experience that both in and out of the classroom, they create an environment that encourages an exchange of diverse perspectives, provides a wide range of collaborative opportunities, and grounds your learning in a structure that ensures you meet your fullest potential.