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IBU’s BComm degree means a better life.

Choosing IBU’s business degree means choosing a better future.

University graduates go on to enjoy a lifetime of positive employment outcomes.

One of the best paths to career success is a university degree in the field of business.

On average, graduates with a university business degree earn over twice as much as high school graduates. 

*The cumulative earnings of postsecondary graduates over 20 years: Results by field of Study. Statics Canada

IBU Program Overview

  • Achieve your Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in International Management and Technology
  • Gain business knowledge, soft skills and technical skills to transition into the workplace
  • 120 credit hours
    • Prescriptive requirements total 96 credit hours
    • Non-core breadth requirements in the social sciences and arts make up the remaining 24 credit hours
  • The first four of these non-core courses are prescribed.
  • Students have the choice of six courses for the final four elective slots.

Tuition and Fees per Semester, Domestic

2021 Fall, 2022 Winter and 2022 Summer Semester Fees

Course Load
3 credit hours
6 credit hours
9 credit hours
12 credit hours
15 credit hours






Ancillary Fee: Digital Books












Domestic fees apply to
a) Canadian citizens,
b) individuals registered as Indians under the Indian Act (Canada) and
c) permanent residents (landed immigrants).
A standard full course load is 15 credit hours per semester.

Note: Tuition and fees are reviewed annually and subject to change.

Choose better paying job opportunities


If you choose to study a BComm at IBU, we will be supporting you through your journey. A personalized higher education experience is waiting for you.

  • You will be supported with 1-on-1 mentoring and tutoring.
  • You will have a personal academic advisor whom you can meet regularly.
  • You will be part of a closely knit family. Classes are capped at 30 students to help you and your professors explore your capabilities and maximize your potential.

An industry focused curriculum and a faculty committed to support you.

Choose educational and network support


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Choose financial support


IBU’s financial aid program is unmatched. IBU will defer up to one-hundred percent (100%) of your program tuition and book fees*.

Interest free financial aid* is available for you. You can study now and pay after you have your job.

IBU offers an economical and affordable solution; you do not pay any interest, and you can even qualify to have 25% of your total program costs waived – for free!

*Please get in touch to learn the conditions.

Choose an accelerated and relevant pathway


With less than three years study, IBU’s BComm (Honours) in International Management and Technology will allow you to jumpstart your career.

Choose flexibility


Study in the heart of Canada’s business district or Study from Anywhere.
100% Online
Study in the heart of Canada’s business district with the on-campus version of our program or from anywhere by studying 100% online.

Take a semester or a credit at your own pace, on-campus or online, depending on your schedule.

Eligible post-secondary courses may be eligible for transfer credits, helping you finish your degree faster.

Personalized, affordable and flexible education for business professionals of tomorrow.

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