If levelling up your career in business, securing a new position, or entering the workforce with an accredited qualification behind your name is part of your vision, then a Bachelor in Commerce (Honours) degree is the perfect way to see your most ambitious goals realised.

Whether you’re just starting your career or you’re already an established professional, the value of a commerce degree cannot be underestimated. A BCom degree will equip you with the tools, knowledge, and network you need to excel in any field of business and will open doors of opportunities that may have never existed otherwise.

President of the International Business University (IBU), Joanne Shoveller, explains, “Acquisition of new knowledge about the latest technologies in the workplace is key for career development and transitions. Skills and competencies for entrepreneurship are also crucial for mature students to advance their career or start their own businesses.”

As you look to the future, you might feel overwhelmed at the journey ahead, especially if you’re a mature student and already working full-time. The good news, however, is that there are ways to achieve your business degree online and immerse yourself in a personalised learning experience without having to leave your job, change your lifestyle completely, or set aside your responsibilities.

As Ontario’s first teaching-oriented, student-focused university, IBU offers a way to complete your Bachelor of Commerce in International Management and Technology degree either on campus in the heart of Ontario’s business district, or online from anywhere in the world. This means that everyone from working professionals and college students to stay-at-home moms and those who cannot afford a traditional university education can benefit from world-class faculty and mentors, and receive a qualification that is both accredited and valued by employers.

Benefits of a Flexible On-Campus or Online Degree Program

Studying at a Canadian accredited university like IBU, which offers both synchronous and asynchronous degrees, opens up a myriad of opportunities. IBU’s Dean, Dr. Artie NG, notes that “Students can progress their studies and complete the degree program according to their own pace. For instance, students can adjust their course loading in light of work-integrated learning opportunities.”

Additional benefits to hybrid online degree programs include:

Personalising your study program
You can take one semester or credit at a time and even transfer your previous credits so you can complete your studies in under 3 years from anywhere in the world. Alternatively, you can take the time you need to balance work, school, and life responsibilities without sacrificing quality of instruction or final results.

Increasing Your Earning Potential
An IBU Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Degree will empower you with the business knowledge, soft skills and technical skills to either transition into the workplace equipped to take on a professional role or to increase your earning potential and advance your career with a promotion or role change.

Expanding Your Network
With the ability to study on campus or online depending on your needs and partake in onsite networking opportunities, you’ll have the opportunity to meet a variety of like-minded professionals. Additionally, you’ll benefit from connecting with industry mentors and experienced faculty who will provide you with unmatched insight into the business arena.

Contributing to the Business World in a Meaningful Way

With your on-campus or online Bachelor of Commerce degree, you’ll be able to use your skills and knowledge to help drive businesses forward and make a tangible impact in your field of expertise.

What is a Student-Focused Approach to Learning?

In short, IBU’s student-focus approach is centred around making personalised, affordable and flexible education accessible to people across the globe.

The curriculum is focused on providing a global education that prepares you to be a successful entrepreneur and executive the international business world, and there is great emphasis on community-building and networking. To this end, Dr. Artie NG highlights that “Building a community of peers is beneficial for sharing experiences and developing one’s lifelong learning capacity for career development. Community building also enhances one’s access to new career opportunities.”

To support these goals, IBU implements a range of student-focused strategies, including:

  • Providing one-on-one mentorship to every IBU student whether you choose to complete your Bachelor of Commerce online or on campus.
  • Limiting classes to 30 students so that you receive the personalised attention you need from your professor.
  • Giving you access to expert academic advisors who have been selected based on their industry knowledge, wealth of practical experience, and research capabilities.
  • Offering flexible degree options that offer both synchronous and asynchronous learning so that you can customise your degree program to fit your needs.
  • Including all IBU students into a close-knit family where lifelong learners are continuously mentored and supported as they progress throughout their careers.
  • Providing access to financial support including the ability to pay your study fees without interest after you have secured a job and potentially having 25% of your program costs waived.

Experience the Power of Flexible and Personalised Bachelor of Commerce Degree

IBU recognises that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning. With this in mind, the on-campus and online college offers a pioneering Bachelor Of Commerce (Honours) in International Management and Technology degree that can be tailored to fit your individual learning needs.

On the topic of how students can stay motivated and engaged their on-campus or online Bachelor of Commerce degree program, IBU’s President, Joanne Shoveller, reveals that “The most important consideration is their internal motivation. If they have internal motivation to pursue their ambitions, they will be successful. Understanding deeply why they want to pursue post-secondary education is critical. I advise that they write their 3 top goals down in a book devoted exclusively to their learning journey and carry this with them to all of their meetings with their advisors, teachers and mentors, tracking their progress to their goals continuously”.

As we move into the new year, with 2023 goals etched deeply into our minds and limitless possibility on the horizon, IBU offers the perfect opportunity for you to take the next step in your educational journey and propel your career to new heights with a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours that is centred around your individual success.

Ensure you make 2023 a landmark year by booking a meeting with IBU to learn more about the Bachelor of Commerce degree or simply complete this form and a student advisor will be in touch!