As International Business practices change, companies are becoming more open to new concepts and innovations worldwide. A rich and rewarding career path can be found by pursuing one that involves working in the global economy. A degree in International Business from International Business University might help you comprehend the management techniques and procedures used by companies around the globe.

This article examines 20 careers in International Business from International Business Schools, along with the national average wages and job descriptions for each.

Why Choose an International Business Career?

People pursuing careers in International Business can visit many countries and network with prominent business figures. Even though the work can be pretty taxing, those interested in international trade are in an excellent position to progress their careers.

Successful global executives often possess outstanding leadership and interpersonal skills and tackle different cultures with flexibility and sensitivity due to the cross-cultural characteristics of international commerce. Additionally, these individuals frequently interact with a wide range of personalities in high-stress professional settings, making the capacity for flexible thought and emotional understanding essential.

Jobs You Can Get After International Business Degree

Here are the best jobs you can pursue after your business degree from the International Business university. 

  1. International Business consultant – helping companies navigate and succeed in global markets
  2. Import/export specialist – facilitating the import and export of goods and services between countries
  3. International sales representative – responsible for sales and business development in global markets
  4. Global supply chain manager – managing the logistics and supply chain of a company’s international operations.
  5. International market research analyst – researching and analyzing data on international markets to inform business decisions
  6. International Business Development manager – identifying and developing new business opportunities in international markets
  7. International trade lawyer – advising companies on legal aspects of international trade and investment after, followed by a law degree. 
  8. International project manager – coordinating and managing international projects and cross-cultural teams
  9. International logistics coordinator – organising and overseeing the transportation of goods and materials between countries
  10. Foreign currency trader – buying and selling foreign currencies on the global financial markets.
  11. International tax specialist – advising companies on tax implications of International Business transactions, but you will need a law degree along with a business degree to be an international tax specialist.
  12. International marketing manager – creating and implementing marketing strategies in global markets.
  13. International human resources manager – managing the recruitment and employment of staff in global operations.
  14. International investment banker – advising companies on international mergers and acquisitions and raising capital in international markets. But the role of international investment banker will also require you to have a finance major or minor degree. 
  15. International trade compliance specialist – ensuring that a company’s international trade activities comply with relevant laws and regulations
  16. International procurement specialist – sourcing goods and services from international suppliers
  17. International e-commerce specialist – managing and growing a company’s online sales in global markets
  18. International Business analyst – analyzing data to identify trends and opportunities in international markets
  19. International Business educator – teaching courses on International Business at the university level
  20. Multilingual customer service representative – providing customer service in multiple languages to customers in international markets.

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