IBU Online Plus

Online Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in International Management & Technology

IBU Online PLUS takes the digital learning techniques applied on our campus, one step further, with a completely digital format that supplements online lectures and workshops with the same state-of-the-art web-based resources utilized on the campus.

A Personalized Education—LIVE Webinars with classes capped at 30 students

Students enrolled with IBU Online PLUS will attend weekly, one-hour, live webinars for each course (this means you will see your Professors 1 hour everyday) (also recorded for later viewing), to ask questions to IBU professors & to connect with other students around the world.

Given IBU’s commitment to student-centred learning and teaching excellence, IBU Online PLUS is capped, just as it is on campus, at a maximum of 30 students per class.

Industry-Focused Curriculum

IBU Online PLUS features the same specialized business curriculum covered on the campus. Your courses are delivered by industry-experienced faculty and cover core business functions, including leadership, strategy, operations, finance, and marketing.

This focused content ensures that you will gain the professional knowledge and skills you need to apply for desired job opportunities.

Accelerated Degree

IBU’s year-round curriculum is designed to allow you to start your dream career in under three years of full-time study. Students who successfully apply for transfer credits from another university or a college may have this time of study further reduced.

*Applicants are encouraged to contact an Enrolment Officer to determine the potential duration of their degree program based on their unique circumstances.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Do you wish to complete IBU Online PLUS part-time rather than full-time? No problem. You and your enrolment advisor will be able to work out a course load that is right for you. Balancing your studies with work and other commitments will allow you the choice to work on your IBU degree during the day, evenings, or weekends.

Start Dates

September, January, May

Resources and Support

Our inaugural Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree provides a firm foundation in business-related fields. Equipped with business knowledge together with the most relevant technologies, you will develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours that employers are looking for today. You will be able to apply both your knowledge and interpersonal skills in integrated projects alongside a capstone course incorporated into the curriculum.

Student Assistance Through Mentoring and Tutoring

Your academic, personal, and professional successes are important to us. We will provide support with instructional, technological, and pedagogical guidance.

As an IBU Online PLUS student, you will have access to regular online support for any questions you might have to enhance your studies.

Life-Long Professional Development Support

As an IBU Online PLUS student, you will be eligible for our life-long learning professional development support program.

Admission Requirements

Please check the Admission page on our website for the requirements.


Domestic Fee: CAD $1,200 per 3 hours credit course or CAD $6,000 per semester (full course load)
International Fee: CAD $1,800 per 3 hours credit course or CAD $9,000 per semester (full course load)
A standard full course load is five courses or 15 credit hours per semester. Tuition and fees include tuition for courses and the cost of e-books.

Tuition Payment

All domestic tuition and ancillary fees must be paid through your Canadian bank or Credit Union. To pay your fees through online or telephone banking, or in person at your bank, add International Business University to your bank account as a payee, enter your IBU student number as your account number and submit the amount due.
International students who do not hold an account with a Canadian financial institution may pay their tuition and ancillary fees as well as the confirmation of admission fee through Western Union GlobalPay.

Payment Deadlines

2021 Fall Semester: Tuesday August 24, 2021
2022 Winter Semester: Friday December 17, 2021
2022 Summer Semester: Wednesday April 28, 2022

If you are experiencing difficulties meeting the payment deadline and can demonstrate the ability to make regular payments, you may be eligible for a payment plan option (not to exceed one semester). Please contact our Registrar’s Office at +1-647-446-3428 for more details.

Online PLUS Domestic Student Scholarship

Domestic students who take IBU’s Online PLUS stream will qualify for the same scholarship and bursary options as other domestic on campus students. This includes the Entrance Scholarship for Academic Achievement and the General Entrance Scholarship for students who do not qualify to receive a merit-based entrance scholarship. Please see detailed information regarding financial aid options on the website: https://ibu.ca/admission/#tuition. Please contact our Registrar’s Office at +1-647-446-3428 for more details.

Online PLUS International Student Bursary

International students who take IBU’s Online PLUS on either a full-time or part-time basis qualify for IBU’s Online PLUS Bursary. This bursary is intended to provide tuition support for international students around the world. To be considered for the bursary, you must enrol for your studies at IBU during the 2021-22 academic semesters. The bursary is awarded automatically when you register in the program or courses. Recipients must remain in good academic standing to continue to receive the bursary.

Bursary Amount: A total of CAD $18,000 for the duration of the program or CAD $2,000 per semester or CAD $400 per course for students who take the Online PLUS on a part-time basis.

Eligibility: This bursary is open only to international students who enrol in the Online PLUS stream.