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IBU’s inaugural Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in International Management and Technology degree responds to the needs of Canadian and International employers for graduates who combine business knowledge, soft skills and technical skills and who are able to transition seamlessly into the workplace.

As an IBU student, you’ll undertake a continuous learning process with fall, winter and summer registration. This allows for the completion of a four-year degree in under three years. If you start full-time studies in September 2021, it is possible to complete your program and graduate by the end of Spring 2024. With IBU’s continuous enrollment advantage, if you wish to take a semester off, you can come back and re-enroll the following semester without waiting one more year and losing valuable time.


This program allows you to graduate in 2027.


Many more career opportunities will open after graduation.


Get your bachelor’s degree in under 3

Responding to Employer Needs

Our inaugural Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree provides a firm foundation in business-related fields. Equipped with business knowledge together with the most relevant technologies, you will develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours that employers are looking for today. You will be able to apply both your knowledge and interpersonal skills in integrated projects alongside a capstone course incorporated into the curriculum.

Student Journey of Under 3 Years

The curriculum is designed as a continuous intense, structured program to allow you to capitalize on your momentum and complete the degree in under three years.


In the first three semesters, you’ll build a foundation in international business, entrepreneurship, and technology along with critical thinking, business communication, and team-building skills, which you’ll apply in semester 4. You’ll work in a team under faculty and industry mentorship to develop a business plan for a social or profit-focused organization.

With this experience under your belt, in semesters 5 to 7, you’ll develop advanced knowledge and skills in the use of technology in international business. This will prepare you for the capstone course in semester 8, where you undertake an in-depth study of a business problem at a social enterprise or start-up company again with faculty and industry mentorship.

Thanks to IBU’s industry-focused curriculum, you will learn to thrive in a diverse, interconnected world. You will gain the skills you need to become part of the global workforce while laying the groundwork to become a future leader.

So, at graduation in May, you’re ready to hit the job market with demonstrable achievements to add to your resume!

Tuition Information

01. Curriculum Overview

The curriculum combines foundational, management, and specialized knowledge and skills. This content is applied in real-world settings and integrated within a learning framework that is both rigorous and relevant.

By combining industry needs with rigorous academic preparation, our Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in International Management and Technology will provide a firm foundation for your success in a broad range of business-related fields. Some of the core business courses you’ll be taking include Introduction to International Business, Applied Economics, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Project Management, Advanced Data Analysis, and Global Strategy.

You will take courses outside of business courses as well, including Contemporary World History, Arts and Contemporary Studies, Psychology and Cognition, and Critical Thinking.

02. Career Opportunities

Careers in International and Canadian Marketing and Sales such as:

Marketing Management

Marketing Analysis

Brand management

Sales Management

Product Management

Careers in Analysis and Management Services such as:

Business Analysis

Management Consulting

IT Consulting

Big Data Analysis

Project Management

Careers in Business Operations such as:

Customer Services

Innovation Management

Import / Export Management

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