Wendy Cukier


Wendy Cukier has over 30 years as a consultant in the technology sector beginning her career doing market research, forecasting and strategy development with the Institute for the Future (Menlo Park), International Data Corporation and Don Tapscott’s Alliance for Converging Technologies. She is the coauthor of Innovation Nation: From Java to Jurassic Park and more than 200 articles on dimensions of technology adoption, innovation and inclusion. Wendy has worked with clients across sectors on strategy development and has led the development of curriculum for several post secondary institutions. She is a full professor in Entrepreneurship and Strategy with more than thirty years experience in teaching, administration and research and leads a range of large scale research projects. She holds a PhD in Management Science (York University), MBA (University of Toronto), MA (University of Toronto) as well as two honorary doctorates (Laval University) (Concordia).