Philippines seeking world-class education in Toronto

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Philippines seeking world-class education in Toronto

Are you a student or representative from the Philippines seeking world-class education in Toronto, Canada?

Your search ends here!

International Business University (IBU) is your destination for academic excellence, career-focused programs, and a vibrant learning experience.

About IBU

Your Path to Success

At IBU, we pride ourselves on being Ontario’s First Next-Generation Business University.
Our student-focused approach sets us apart, offering a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate academic and professional degree programs. Whether your interests lie in Business, Technology, Entrepreneurship, or other fields, we have a program tailored to your aspirations.

As a visionary institution, IBU was founded with the goal of establishing an independent, education-oriented, and student-centered university in Canada. Since our inception, we have grown to become a global center of excellence in business education. Our commitment to academic rigor, innovation, and a global perspective makes us a preferred choice for scholars seeking a dynamic learning environment.

Programs to Propel Your Career

Undergraduate and Graduate Options

BCOM (Honours) program

Explore our array of programs designed to meet the demands of the future. Our undergraduate programs, such as the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Degree, offer a comprehensive curriculum that can be completed in less than three years, providing you with a fast-track to success.
We are offering 4 specializations regarding the BCOM (Honours) program.

BCOM Specializations:

MBA Program

For those looking to elevate their careers, our 16-month MBA we are offering 3 specializations.

MBA Specializations:

DLI and Work Permit

Your Pathway to Global Opportunities
As a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), IBU opens doors to exciting opportunities for international students.
Gain valuable work experience through post-graduate work permits and lay the foundation for a successful career in Canada and beyond.

All IBU Graduates are eligible to apply for up to 3-year post graduate work permit.

Living in Toronto

Embrace the Canadian Experience
Toronto, with its vibrant culture and diverse population, provides an unparalleled living experience for international students. Discover the rich tapestry of this cosmopolitan city and find practical information about living in Toronto on our international student page.

DLI and Work Permit

With IBU
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Important Intake Dates

Mark Your Calendar

Stay ahead of deadlines!
Our programs have specific start dates and application deadlines. Plan your educational journey effectively to ensure a smooth transition into the world of academia.


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Advance your career with IBU’S BCOM and MBA Degree